What Happened At Roswell In 1947?

Around June and July in 1947 some strange reports started coming out of the Roswell, New Mexico area. On July 8, 1947 some newspapers were reporting that the RAAF had captured a "flying disk" or UFO . Later the official story, would be changed to: the flying disk was in fact a weather balloon. Later the weather balloon story would evolve into a more secretive story of it being part of equipment used in Project Mogul, which utilized high altitude balloons with listening devices attached, intended to detect possible nuclear tests by the USSR.

Some fifty years later on June 24, 1997 officials from the USAF release a document called the Roswell Report: Cased Closed. The report claims that there were no alien life forms found at Roswell and that any such claims were probably "test dummies" that were misidentified. Well which one is it? A flying disk? A weather balloon? A listening device, for nuclear tests attached to a balloon? Now high altitude test dummies? There is no wonder that there is curiosity about what happened at Roswell, because the official story keeps evolving into different stories to counter what people seemed to have eye-witnessed, some of them being USAF personnel.

I have found some interesting information regarding Brigadier General Dubose, on the internet. Brigadier General Dubose was one of the people that appeared in a photo with the "balloon debris". On a Youtube video and an affidavit, that I found on the internet, they all seem to suggest that he believed the weather balloon story was a cover story. He is claimed to have said that he never actually saw any material and that it was all super top secret.